Business Solutions offers application system integration services including implementation of:

Perfect One Card Solution - Card Application Lifecycle Management System. (CALMS)

A robust and reliable one card Solution that suits all needs of Educational Institutions, Corporate businesses and Manufacturing industries. The advantage of this being able to customize based on the need of the organization. The solution provides:

  • A modern and seamless One Card Solution:

    Fully functional and easily integrated with existing hardware systems, which means there’s no need to replace your current printer, door access card reader or other hardware, our range of Smart Card applications minimizes your reliance on physical labor, thus reducing human error, and offers you real-time control and management like never before

  • Real-Time Monitoring, Control and Modification.

    Our systems provide you with full and secure control at any time, over all products of CALMS. Reduce your reliance on staff, while maintaining your ability to edit and modify access to suit your changing needs, monitor to prevent losses.

  • Set Automated Logic Parameters and Restrictions

    Access and reward systems can be set to adjust automatically in accordance with the time of day, frequency of use or other logic parameters that allow you to fully control the privileges of your CALMS Smart Card.

  • Location-Based System-Enabled Smart Chip Technology

    When combined with location-based capabilities, our CALMS Smart Card allows you to track visitors, vehicles and other aspects of your business that can benefit from the luxury of real-time tracking.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Daily, weekly, monthly or real-time reports are always available at your fingertips in various formats in order to track attendance, shift details etc. for payroll related calculations.

  • Integrated Communicative Platforms

    CALMS Smart Card services allow for its readers to communicate wirelessly with other electronic devices to create integrated and smart environments - such as visitor arrival announcements, location tagging or energy-saving premises. This enhances functionality, convenience and environmental consciousness.

Customized ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning software to cover various functional units in an organization, enabling users to record critical information, schedule production accurately, provide cost control initiatives and generate reports to analyse time, cost and productivity of resources.

Website Development

A website being the face of a company, we take special care to develop, customize, design a website and provide technical support based on the customer’s needs. Our approach to website development includes research and analysis, building a prototype based on specifications, template designing, backend deployment, user acceptance testing, training and support.
We also understand that it is the key to include all stakeholders (project developers and customers) at every stage of development, feedback and verification.

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