Central Monitoring System (CMS) Surveillance and Closed-Circuit TV(CCTV) Camera

Central Monitoring Surveillance systems and CCTV facilitate both live and recorded videos or images. Central Monitoring Systems controls all the cameras connected via LAN from a control room. CCTV and CMS together offer high-speed seamless operation for the best performance in organizations. We have a wide range of Night vision camera’s, PTZ camera’s, mini-dome cameras, Box Cameras, Outdoor and Indoor cameras. Our products include FOXTECH UK, Telex per, HIK Vision etc.

Time lapse Camera

Brinno camera is small and powerful enough to seize big moments. The time lapse mode sets the camera to take a sequence of photos at selected intervals then processing them directly into a brief dynamic video narrative and the Step video mode in this camera helps to capture all the important part of a trip or an activity and making them into a meaningful video.
The Surveillance Camera has a Hybrid Mode in the camera that combines both Time-lapse (1 frame per second) and motion detection mode (2-3 frames per second). The camera automatically switches to motion mode when a moving object enters the 20 feet motion zone.

Advantages include:

  • Long Battery life
  • Wireless
  • Weather resistant
  • Clear Resolution
  • Rotatable lens
  • LCD viewfinder

Peephole Camera

Know your surroundings before you open your door using the Brinno’s peephole camera and motion sensor unit. The hidden peephole camera can automatically record images of all the visitors when a motion is detected. Hence enhancing safety.