Alarm Systems

We have safety alarm and communication systems for all industries. Alarm system comprises of detectors, control panels, and communications devices. Detectors identify and react to specific occurrences including movement, shock, vibration, smoke, heat, and flood. Different types of detectors are available, each protecting different aspects of the property. The control panel is the brains of the system to which detectors are connected. It analyses and actions signals from detectors and is operated by a keypad. Keypads are sometimes integrated into the control panel. Sounders and sirens use different tones and rhythms to communicate the type of alarm internally and/or externally. Externally mounted sounders and sirens are a good visual deterrent for potential intruders and quickly alert property owners and neighbors to an intrusion. The strobe helps to identify the house when an alarm has gone off. Communications devices such as the Informa speech dialer send pre-recorded voice messages by telephone when an alarm is triggered. These messages can be sent to the homeowner or nominated contacts either via landline or mobile phone. This is particularly useful for isolated properties and allows an action to be taken when property owners are away from home. Our product includes Teletek, Schrack Seconet.

Fire Alarm systems

Features include

  • Early stage fire detection
  • Alarm to alert evacuation with single and multizone extinguishing systems at premises
  • Notifying relevant personnel with intelligent detectors and module

Intruder Alarm Systems

Features include

  • Continuous Protection
  • Uninterrupted functionality and service
  • Strong Deterrent to intrusion