GPS Tracking and Fleet management

We provide solutions for: -

  • Fleet monitoring and control
    • Real Time information of Vehicle Driver and Cargo obtained from GPS tracking system.
    • Real time data to react immediately to critical unplanned situation
    • Anti-theft solution allows blocking of ignition and location for vehicle recovery.
  • Fuel monitoring and Control
    • Fuel level, distance travelled and consumption allows to compare drivers and vehicles and real fuel consumption data to improve the fleet management.
    • Real time fuel level helps prevent fuel theft
  • Eco Drive
    • Helps the driver to follow good driving habit to save fuel and reduce vehicle maintenance cost
  • Remote Tacho data downloads
    • Data provided helps to monitor productivity of driver
  • Vehicle and Cargo security
    • Cargo security with door sensors and trailer opening notification to protect cargo
    • Ignition blocking to prevent theft
    • Temperature sensors and direct temperature monitoring from refrigerators to protect perishable goods

Our product includes Ruptela etc.